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As an IT consultancy company, we highly value expertise. We aim to stay continuously informed about the latest technological developments, trends, and skills within the IT industry.



We understand that finding the right IT professionals is crucial for our clients' success. That's why we aim to be a reliable partner in the recruitment process. We adhere to agreements, provide high-quality service, and ensure open and transparent communication with both our clients and candidates.

Personal approach


By building a personal relationship, we can make the right match between employers and IT professionals who not only possess the necessary technical skills but also fit the company culture and team dynamics. We actively listen to our clients' needs and provide a personalized approach throughout the entire recruitment process.

Why work for


We pay great attention to the needs, values, capabilities, and well-being of our employees.

Training and support

We believe that continuous professional development is essential to both the growth of individual employees and the success of our organization as a whole.

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years of experience

Driven and experienced

At XELOR, we recognize the crucial role IT professionals play in today's business landscape. As a specialized IT consulting company, we are dedicated to connecting skilled IT professionals with top-tier industry firms

With our experienced team of recruiters, we have in-depth knowledge of the IT industry and an extensive network of highly qualified candidates. Whether you are looking for a software developer, an IT consultant, a cybersecurity expert, or a data analyst, we have the expertise and the network to find the ideal candidate who seamlessly fits your company culture and requirements.

At XELOR, we believe in a personal and results-oriented approach. We listen to your specific recruitment needs and work closely with you to understand your expectations. Our colleagues are familiar with the latest technology trends and have an eye for both technical skills and soft skills. This allows us to create the perfect match between employers and candidates, resulting to long-term success and growth for both parties.

We aim to establish strong and enduring relationships, with our clients and the IT professionals. Through transparent communication, thorough assessments and ongoing support, we provide a seamless experience throughout the hiring process.



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